Ankh .1

Government Applications

Designing Quantum Solutions for the Military of Tomorrow. Engineering future threat prevention with Autonomous Unsupervised Machine Learning in bio-metrics, public identity with little to no preventive maintenance, drastically reducing employment costs and reaction time with unparalleled data access, optimization and utilization in current government applications that provide civilian safety.

Quantum Machine Learning


Smart Response

Integrated with Splunk API

iot Learning

We can collect sensor data from exoskeletons and correlate it with geo-location and weather data to gain unprecedented operational visibility in impeccable real-time connected to quantum encrypted military iot devices. Using mid range low frequency transmitters with a distant preconceived dummy location or using drones we trick location triangulation where the data is being sent from to avoid being caught behind enemy lines. We connect machine learning to TDL’s (tactical data links) with C3 systems (command & control) and can develop customized software to work with our Sha 3 – 512 air gapped encrypted IP sec portal connected to QVM’s (Quantum Virtual Machines) through Anubis Cloud.

Quantum Encrypted Communication

Advanced network security to iot devices Secure syncing through direct radio frequency linked to remote video viewing via satellite. Encrypted Transmissions Combine frequency-hopping radio with digital encryption installed in the hardware and are sent to prevent compromised location through data entry points and then are decrypted by a quantum neural network with adoptive synopsis of topography, past experiences and similar situations combined with simultaneous simulations to give in-depth data that is crucial to the success of an op, covert or high priority mission.

Predictable Analysis

Ankh .1 conducts Predictive Analysis to orchestrate the best course of action by allocating the best technology advancements in delivering scenarios to minimize collateral damage, casualties and prevent KIA’s using time sensitive actionable data. We are able to assess vitals, injuries, temperature reports, and a variety of statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modelling, and machine learning, that analyze current and historical information & past missions to make predictions about future actions or outcomes in health, risks and threats evaluation.

Smart Topography

Unsupervised Lidar

For Quantum Artificial Intelligence Controlled Drones Or UAV’s

Our Quantum software & GPU accelerated Cloud renders state of the art encrypted 3D Laser optic imaging in real-time for remote viewing with a 20 meter laser range while using Yellow scan hardware attached to Quantum system drone technology. Our software can be adaptive to indoor settings to render 3D model floor plans from multiple vantage points using wearable stereo cameras with depth sensor sending transmissions through iot device connectivity and can be applied underwater using sonar with camera displays for Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV)’s, submersibles or autonomous submarines. Using computer vision algorithms we deliver schematics & topography with Sensor fusion, inertial and LIDAR data to estimate the position and velocities in real time giving you a competitive advantage with different scenarios that can be natively launched in the Anubis cloud using minimal computational overhead for data virtualization or virtual tours combined with deep learning techniques.

Threat Detection

Using Jedi Cloud Database

Quantum Processing

Facial Recognition

Used In Federal Agencies

Our Quantum Cloud Services can conduct Facial recognition with exascale processing capabilities validated in our Asymmetric SHA -3 512 blockchain with moving target defense smart contracts at 100,000 transactions per second on a 5G network through Gov. Databases, records, Multiple Identities & Citizenship status without storing any images and the costly R&D Deep Learning Process. It captures a vector of key points on your face, and can identify you in most clear-lit instances using advanced artificial intelligence integrated with encryption, IP Sec protocols and powered by GPU Accelerated Quantum Virtual Machines (QVM’s). If you do not have an account, it automatically creates a profile with any camera connected to an iot device that can be combined with natural language processing & voice recognition to make the most accurate automated symbiotic surveillance or autonomous Bio Metric System that can be air gapped & Quantum attract resistant.

Bottom Line Use Case

This can be designed for TSA in Airports, Border Control, The Department of defense (DoD), National Security Administration (NSA), Department of Transit,Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Police Stations, or local municipality like the department of motor vehicles (DMV). Anubis Cloud with Sphinx protocol can be used in the FBI or IRS for detecting discrepancies or anomalies in companies or corporation finance with Quantum neural networks validating banking statements for the best principles of accounting or future transactions with payments conducted via blockchain connected to quantum resistant encrypted iot devices with near frequency communication or RFID chips.

Trajectory Mapping

Quantum Calculations

Real time sat trajectory and HIDS between ISS and Space shuttles for comms