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We use a simple approach to statistical estimation with an annealing-based quantum processor that performs Monte Carlo sampling in a chain of reverse quantum annealing protocols. Observations are consistent with classical simulations across a range of Hamiltonian parameters. We anticipate that our approach of using a quantum processor as a programmable magnetic lattice will find widespread use in the simulation and development of exotic materials. We combine advanced hardware and networking infrastructure offering computations for physics and mathematics to acquire best possible answers with advanced calculations in engineering, energy , healthcare, space travel, transportation, supply chain, global finance and economics. Exploit ground state low energy through quantum tunneling and quantum mechanical effects beyond the scope of classic computers to improve resources allocation and save time by implementing our moral ethical obligation to improve society. Here with our QVM you demonstrate a large-scale quantum simulation of this phenomenon in a network of 2038 situ programmable superconducting niobium flux qubits whose pairwise couplings are arranged in a fully frustrated square-octagonal lattice. Take advantage of Exotic Phases of matter governed by the topological properties of low-dimensional materials such as thin films of superfluids and superconductors. This phenomenon is a Benchmark of of new age computing in appearance and interaction of vortices and antivortices in an angular degree of freedom.


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