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Subterranean Excavation


Designed for DARPA

Underground settings & harsh environments below sea level are increasingly relevant to global security and border safety. Rising populations and urbanization require military resources, manpower and civilian first responders to perform their duties below ground in human-made tunnels, underground urban spaces, and natural cave networks. Recognizing that innovative, enhanced technologies could accelerate development of critical lifesaving capabilities, DARPA has announced a challenge meant for our Smart Response technology: The DARPA Subterranean Challenge

3 Subterranean Solutions

Attached to Exascale Machine Learning

Encrypted Communication
Data virtualization

Smart Response

Why Were the Best choice

Quantum Telecommunications

Powered Systems

Using Quantum Computing and Machine Learning we process encrypted communications and data transmissions through a secure blockchain network with depth penetration connected wearable senors, Lidar imagery & iot devices to render remote viewing with 3D modeling in Real Time. This Data is collected and analysed to provide valuable insight with data virtualization demonstrating the health conditions and surroundings of the smart respondents or military personal.

Communications & Energy

We are able to transmit data , intel communications and electricity power with waves effortlessly through several hundreds of feet below ground rock formations and ground materials sent form across several thousands from miles away.