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Our Vision

We want to supply The Best Cloud Environment

Software For Governments and Private companies

Utilizing Quantum and Supercomputers

We are a Disruptive High Performance Computing (HPC) Facility & Quantum Software Manufacturer located in West Covina, California USA. Unscaved by the competition we have produced results driven from steady innovation through R&D and are engineering post-quantum cryptography algorithms that are secure against any attacks in the next-generation of cyber-security & Cyber warfare while hosting Exasacle Class Supercomputing, massive databases, ledgers and digital assets that utilize customized artificial intelligence by Powering the new era in applications and cloud ML/AI pipelines.

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Quantum Virtual Machines

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Quantum Blockchain

Sphinx Protocol supports Distributed Governance and Consensus on a self sustainable node network connected to quantum intelligence level super computing speeds and highly advanced multiple layers of asymmetric encryption. We offer Air gapped portals secured with IP authentication, SHA-3 512 bit Encryption and Next-gen Iot device connectivity. Our secure computer network is physically isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public Internet or an unsecured local area network.

Visual Display

Superior rendering speeds in the most graphic intense environment known today with less expense. Designed specifically for, handling complex Workloads, Deep Learning Techniques, and machine learning neural networks our GPU’s are perfect for data virtualization displaying the most sophisticated models directly from your Jupyter notebook.

Computational Support

Because there is no technology like Ankh .1 on the market we have strategically designed and patented our own Quantum Cloud Service to provide & performance-engineered containers featuring AI software like TensorFlow, PyTorch, & design analytical solutions solidified with distributed ledgers, the ability to launch decentralized applications and complex Quantum Algorithms.

Singularity Focused Deliverables

Unparalleled creations breaking benchmarks across data sets and verticals, Ankh.1 is the Leading Third Generation Internet Based Service Provider offering Quantum Cloud Services for the future.

Virtual Acquisitions

We specialize in graphic visuals with analytical solutions specifically tailored toward applicability displaying data virtualization, machine learning & artificial intelligence pipelines from code to real world use.

Blockchain As A Service

We offer In-house B.a.a.S. implemented directly into an existing business model & website using our Sphinx SDK. Seamless adaptation toward security token offerings we provide native Multi-currency exchange with automated KYC software.

Quantum Computing

We have JV partnerships with super computing data centers with access to quantum encryption penetration tests,Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum photonic processors and advanced cyber security practices with asymmetric key encryption connected to blockchian framework.

Next Level Hardware

We designed and tested our processing chips that bring in a much faster rate than any single Application Specific Integrated Circuit that has ever been developed. We prove that performance can drastically perform higher at a significantly lower energy cost.

Built on The

Shoulders of Giants

Silicon Valley Magnates

Our success came from the accomplishments of those before us. Now it is our turn for greatness with their expertise!!!

Tim Berners-Lee

MIT | World Wide Web

Elon Musk

Zip 2 |

Larry Ellison


robert noyce

Founder of Intel

Our Advisory Board

Wants to change the way people use, obtain, view and secure their data

Authentically -Arrhythmic- Aesthetically

Proprietary Cloud Services

Quantum Virtual Machines

A new-generation of computer processing with (Quantum Processing Units) QPU’s connecting to VM’s through Ubuntu Servers we offer a suite of tools for Serious Data Professionals looking to impact the world. Data Center GPU Accelerators deliver the most demanding HPC and hyperscale data center workloads needed to run bigger simulations faster than ever before.

Develop Quantum software in Blackbird or Python, launch virtual apps in Quantum Architecture or run Computational Optimization on larger sets directly connected to your Jupyter notebook and even explore Deep Learning with Tensorflow & Keras.

Quantum Computing

We Provide Quantum Full Stack Solutions

Closest Absolute Zero Kelvin Hardware Environments

Emerging Quantum Software with Symbiotic Classical Computing Utilization

Quantum Processing Power

Beyond Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law is the observation made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year while the costs are halved. This applies to quantum computing and the number of Qubits. Recognizing the high demand for Quantum computer scientists and quantum physicist Aimed at setting the standard of an ecosystem for Quantum software developers that is Industry defining.

RSA- 4096

Encryption Breaking

The 4096 bit RSA key is something called asymmetric cryptography. It is used for validating identity (signing) and ensuring that only an intended recipient can access the information sent (Via encryption). It is composed of two pieces, a public key and a private key. These Keys Can Be Hacked with Quantum Computers with 4000 Qubits or more which the public will have access to within the next few years.

Research & Development

Architecture Synopses

Ankh .1 uses Quantum annealing to conduct Combinatorial Optimization in Operations Research, applied mathematics and theoretical computer science by Allocating superpositioning and entanglement of particles with Superconducting Silicon Vias through Quantum Integrated Circuits for Qubit Quantum Processors cooled by pulse tube dilution refrigerators for real world High-End Applications.

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Shor’s Algorithm

lithographically-written Photonics

Quantum computers designed to solve complex problems outside the realm of classic computing prefabricated with the sufficient number of Qubits to operate without succumbing to quantum noise and other quantum-decoherence phenomena, Shor’s algorithm is used to break public-key cryptography schemes, such as the widely-used RSA scheme in SSL Encryption for websites and Current SHA-256 algorithms used in proof of work (PoF) cryptocurrencies that use Blockchain while simultaneously being capable and applicable at performing advanced machine learning with Adiabatic Quantum computations (AQC)’s.

Next Generation Technology

SEC Compliant Quantum-resistant Blockchain With Exacale Processing Capabilities

Integrated With Quantum Artificial Intelligence of The Future

Advanced Verification Processes using Post-quantum Cryptography and Machine Learning algorithms to Provide solutions to unforeseen compliance regulations on fin-tech startups, Payment Gateways, Public Corporations, Security Token Offerings, Virtual Financial Asset exchanges and Web 3.0 that are impervious to quantum computer attacks.

Sphinx Protocol

Bio Metric Identification Consensus (BMIC)

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Passive Surveillance is initiation based on user approval mobile or web. Sphinx Key Agreement Protocol is activated. Native Facial Recognition software is applied and a picture is taken. After a customized message requests proper identification such as Communication Signatures, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) , Personal Identity Verification (PIV) or Common Access Cards (CAC) are verified with our security certificate protocols to authenticate a connection.

Secure Documentation & Encryption

Supporting KYC & AML Through Modified Sphincs Stateless Hash-Based Signatures

Modified SPHINCS+ Signatures are validated within SHA3- 512 Bit Encryption Algorithms unlocking User Blockchain connected portal where Virtual Machines Automatically generate structured data using unambiguous identifiers creating a smart contract for public profile data. Machine Learning adapts to personal preferences through the digital space to make customized features for data virtualization.

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Triple Asymmetric Key Encryption

IP Sec Linked Data Fragment Authentication

Zero knowledge

  • Intelligent self-healing nodes auto-wipe with any unauthorized or unverified access rebuild from surrounding nodes (level of consensus configurable by client)
  • Data cache, cookies and the web page is refreshed after logged out
  • Location based third layer of encryption
  • cryptosystem is secure from quantum computers
Blockchain Application Deployment

linked data interface entry confirmation

Sphinx analyzes existing and new Linked Data interfaces once key access points are decrypted passive surveillance and artificial intelligence is re-engaged. data set patterns, user interests, behaviors and probability predictions are displayed through data virtualization architecture either in augmented reality or mixed reality rendered using a self sustained Quantum neural Network & GPU’s.

We Are InnovatorsWe Are ProgrammersWe Are physicistsWe Are DevelopersWe Are Powered by AnkhWe Are Data Scientists

— Do you hold the power of Ankh .1—

Case Studies

Big Data Projects Coming Soon!

Feel free to explore the world of Quantum through Video Knowledge Base .

Scaling Process

Fluidity in exponential growth opportunities in software, blockchain, and virtual compliance

Multifaceted Business Plan Backed by intellectual property, a Cutting edge software licensing Revenue Stream and minimum viable product by both tangible Hardware and an inimitable Fin-hub compliant Blockchain vessel for big data with KYC automation.


Quantum communications, KYC Solutions, Blockchain as a Service & Quantum Penetration testing is available for purchase.

Proof of Concept

Sphinx blockchain infrastructure as a service and Quantum Virtual Machines are ready to be implemented and tested with Joint venture partners and enterprise level businesses looking to add Post Quantum Cryptography Solutions, Data virtualization software & security token offerings to their finance & secured data model.

Seed Funding

Ankh. 1 is looking to raise seed funding to increase intellectual property and secure our place in the quantum software market race. We are open to strategic equity partners or venture capital to boost the development of post quantum computing solutions in data science,quantitative finance,Space travel and secure military defense & government contracts involving quantum information systems technology.

Private Contracts

With a unique plethora of services catered to all three B2C, B2B and B2G it is definitive the future forecast of a Post Seed Market Valuation is in the multi-billions with companies like AWS,Oracle, Intel, Nvidia and IBM as clients.

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“Capital isn’t that important in business. Experience isn’t that important. You can get both of these things. What is important is ideas.” – Harvey Firestone

“The value of a idea lies in the using of it ” – Thomas Edison


Processing Performance Above the Competition

As a consumer you can feel confident using our Quantum Cloud Services and GPU & QPU Accelerated Blockchain (QAB) because it is the best option available. Built by NASA software engineers, Professors in Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Data Scientists this platform is designed to provide answers to today’s hardest questions.

Software built for international data transfer & secure acquisitions

Over the last 2 years cryptocurrency has gone from a concept to market adoption with VC Firms getting involved. While traditional banking still works even they are moving to a blockchain service provider. With sixty eight percent of most ICO’s and cryptocurrency companies not KYC compliant there really is no competition or winner. We are different by focusing on B2B, B2G and the best Computing power available we allow the brightest people to use our platform to shape the future direction of society in a Quantum secured, powerful environment.

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Advanced Technology in Reach

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